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My Story

Eddie Glew - Yeoman Basket Maker & Sculptor

Eddie Glew

My name is Eddie Glew and I'm a Yeoman Basket Maker & Sculptor, weaving dreams in my workshop based in Derbyshire UK.

I never imagined that basket making would become my career & my passion. After spending two years training with Dad, as well as attending courses he’d arranged for me after he'd passed, I spent a further two years honing my skills.

Then in 2014 I met the Queen bee herself, Sally Goymer & the rest is history.

In 2014 I was lucky enough to gain a full scholarship through The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust to learn from Sally. I spent two years under her guidance absorbing every bit of knowledge & experience. Learning about precision basket making, made to measure skills and expertise in square work.

My true passion and purpose is making useful & timeless items using the skills that I learnt from Dad, Sally and many others. I love the challenge of working on bespoke commissions & bringing abstract ideas to life. Working with creativity and imagination.

Best of all I get to share my skills and teach the next generation of willow weavers. Passing on the baton as my Father did to me.

"We are but guardians of this ancient craft"

My true passion and purpose is making useful & timeless baskets using the skills that I learnt from Dad, Sally and many others.

Peter Glew

Peter Glew, the big man, my Dad, specialised in traditional basket making techniques and as a local basket maker, he sold at shows, markets and creating commissions.

My first willow memories are watching Dad weaving in the big red shed. Like many kids, I had no real interest in what Dad did for a living but it’s something I unconsciously soaked up.


It was a little later, when I was still restless, Dad started me on my willow weaving journey. He spent the next 2 years teaching me everything he knew about basket making. Allowing me to make what I wanted, peaking my interest. It was this unofficial apprenticeship that saw me finally sitting still and gaining the skills I use to this day. Fuelled by Dad's generosity and love, I continue to work hard to improve and promote my beloved craft, carrying on Dad's legacy as a basketmaker's Son.

Dad is no longer with us, but his teaching and influence is with me every day. His skills, approach to life and experience inspires my Basketry – creating beautiful, honest, timeless baskets.

Peter Glew - Eddie's Father

I never imagined basket making would become my career and my passion.

Eddie Glew - Blithfield Willowcraft 106

Working With Willow

This craft has given me so much. I try to re-pay it by showcasing the craft to the highest of standards. 

The generosity of my mentors has allowed me to create anything that can be imagined in willow. From made to measure Hampers to the wild woven maze I created on the Isle of Wight.

I love the blend of precision in my basketry mixed with the free form creativity of my sculpture work.

Being able to weave heirlooms that stand the test of time from materials grown natively brings me so much joy. 

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